Series 26 FAQ's

How many questions are on the exam? 110 multiple choice questions – you should be prepared to see an additional 3 to 10 questions on your examination. These questions are “pre-test” or “guinea pig” type questions. You will be provided more time for these questions and the score from these questions are NOT counted against you.

How long is the exam? 165 minutes.

How is the exam set up? You should anticipate a “bell-curve” exam. Which means the exam will start out at an easier level. As you progress through the exam, approaching the middle of the exam, test questions will become more difficult. As you near the end of the exam, questions will once again become easier.

How much time can I expect to spend on studies? You should plan on spending approximately 40 to 45 hours in study and 6 to 10 hours on final exams. Keir Educational Resources strongly recommends you complete the Series 26 study within a 3 to 5 week window.

Where do I take the Series 26 examination? The examination is a proctored exam and must be taken at a qualified exam center. To locate the one nearest you, please see

Is there an examination fee for the Series 26? Yes, $100

Am I allowed to take a calculator into the exam center? No, however, the exam center will provide a calculator upon request.

Will I be allowed to take paper into the exam center? No, however, the exam center will provide scratch paper.

Do I have to be sponsored to take this examination? Yes

What is the required pass rate for the Series 26 examination? 70%