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About Bryant & Stratton College:
For over 150 years, we've been educating students in a way that prepares them for career success. Bryant & Stratton College prepares you for a lifetime of success that will change your life and help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. Our Professional Skills Center provides individuals with the licensing, certification and continuing education training that has become increasingly important in today's professional environment. You can maintain your professional edge by looking to us for your personal & professional training needs.

About the CFP Program:
Put the power of unlimited earning potential in your hands with the Certificate in Financial Planning. Students in this program will learn various phases of financial planning including insurance planning, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared to sit for the national CFP® Certification exam. Students who complete and pass this certificate program can articulate these courses for credit upon being accepted into a Bryant & Stratton College degree program.

Bryant and Stratton College has partnered with Keir to bring you a quality review program for the CFP® Certification Exam. Here you will be able to find additional details on the review materials, our online review class and formulas class.

Please click on the item below that best describes the information you need. Any questions pertaining to Keir products or classes can be referred to 800-795-5347.

5 Day Virtual Class

Keir's 5-day virtual class is a fast paced but comprehensive review for anyone who prefers a review class to tie up loose ends shortly before the exam.


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Online Formula Class

In this course, Keir will decipher and demystify the formula sheet provided on the CFP® Certification Examination. We will interpret the symbols for you, translate them into keystrokes on your HP 12C or HP 10BII calculator, and let you know which formulas are most likely to be tested.


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Certification Exam Package 1

Package 1 includes Volumes I & II, Case Study Book, Calculator Book, Online Simulated Exam, Essential Keys, Online Question Bank , MP3 Download, Flashcards, Formulas Class, and your choice of either HP10B or HP 12C online calculator class.


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Certification Exam Package 2

These Keir CFP® exam review study items are the basic coverage of all of the 72 topics covered by the exam.  They provide an array of questions and exam products to prepare the student for the CFP® Certification Examination.


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Essential Keys

Keir’s Essential Keys for CFP® Certification Examination Success provides the bullet points, summary lists, and quick study items for a final review.


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Comprehensive Case Study

Keir’s Case Studies for Review of the CFP® Certification Examination Book provides students with case questions covering all of the 72 topics covered by the exam.


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Set of Flashcards By Topic Areas

Each financial planning education course has an option for flashcards.  There are over 100 cards per course.  The cards include key terms with definitions and important concepts.


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MP3 Files Download

The MP3 for the Keir CFP® exam review provides 20 hours of topic review.  The MP3 system allows the student to listen to an audio presentation of the most important material from each topic.  Students can listen anywhere, any time, and make efficient use of travel or exercise time to include study.


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