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Welcome to Keir Educational Resources Testimonial Library! We can talk all day about our great pass rates, our quality materials and how we can make all the difference in the success of exam results. Why believe us? Here are what others who have used the Keir products and services have to say about their Keir experience. Be the next person to say "Keir Got Me Through!"

To be completely honest, I was told prior to enrolling in the class that I might find the webinar series for the 7 to be of negligible benefit. Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Without the webinars, I sincerely doubt that I would have passed the exam.  First, Mr. Plummer understands the basic tenants of adult-learner andragogy and ensured that the content was illuminated with tangible examples and learning tips. While the focus of the webinars may be "debt and options heavy", those two concepts are imperative to understanding subsequent chapters in the 7 and parlay directly into the Series 66.  I will strongly encourage any associates to engage in these webinars and to utilize the expertise of Mr. Plummer as I found his services to be extremely valuable. - Sarah

Regarding Series 6 - My exam score almost perfectly matched the average scores of the practice finals that I passed. J.M.


The Smart 7 program is excellent. The tests at each stage are very helpful. The mid-term and final tests are representative of the actual FINRA test. The virtual class was also very helpful…. – R.B.


Series 7 - Practice tests fit my learning style and helped reinforce concepts. – D.M.

Keir-Well, the results arrived this past Saturday and I was elated to read the first line of CFP® Board’s letter ~ 
Congratulations! As I proceed through the final steps with the CFP® Board, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful 
material and support you provided. I am certain I couldn’t have done it without you! I took the test (unsuccessfully) two 
years ago using a competitors products, and I am convinced the Keir material was superior and contributed to my success. 
Most importantly, I am certain my clients will be receiving sound financial planning due to this rigorous process our 
profession requires. - Dan

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I passed the CFP exam from July (first try thank God). I want to thank you for the help you gave me in preparing. First, I took your formula class and then I did the 11-week online class. Even given my crazy schedule and commute, I felt totally prepared. My instructor was GREAT!!!! I loved the way she would break things down and teach us the logic--that made it much easier for me to grasp and remember. The classes were outstanding, and you gave me all the tools I needed to pass the test. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so glad I don't have to do that again! - D. Doucet

Just wanted to drop you folks a note to thank you. I used the Keir study program to prep for the July 2012 CFP test as well as attended the Chicago cram course in June. I just received my test results and I PASSED! Thank you Keir! - D. DeHoff

I passed the CFP® exam.  Thank you so much for being a great instructor.  I learned the most from you an felt very prepared for the exam. I am so excited that I do not have to study anymore. I appreciate your efforts and I would recommend Keir to anyone taking the CFP exam.  - J. Roberto

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in preparation for the CFP exam. It was certainly a challenging exam, both physically and mentally, but that was to be expected. While I have no way of knowing whether I passed the exam, I do feel that your program helped me to be as prepared as possible. Speaking to some folks after the exam who went through other providers for their review, I got the feeling that they may not have been quite as prepared. Anyway, I appreciate all of your help. I will inform you when I get the test results. - N. Krishnaswamy

...I will definitely recommend Keir to other new hires in my company... They've only used Keir for 2 people, but we both passed the first time... a big improvement from past test takers. - Kelly

...I am highly impressed with Keir study material. I sat for my 7 a couple of years back and used a lot of different material then. Keir's material was very easy to read through and just made everything so accessible... I know that I would want to hear that the company I work for offers good products- so I thought I would pass along that Keir has won this woman's seal of approval. - Lee

...I passed the CFP exam & I still can't believe it. I wouldn't have done it without your review session in Chicago. I appreciate all of your help... - Nick

I am very happy to report that I got my CFP exam results and I passed the first time. Thankfully I did the Keir Review with the online class. I know I couldn't have done it without that... I felt prepared for the exam with the study material available...that part of my life is now history, thanks in part to Keir. - Pamela

...I know the Keir review course was a component of all my studies... but that course was the one single motivational push that I needed to instill hope in passing the exam... thank you very very much for your course, expertise and especially your support. I cannot possibly convey how much it means to me to have passed and owe you my gratitude for playing a part in that accomplishment. - Holly