Minnesota State University - Mankato

Minnesota State University - Mankato has partnered with Keir Educational Resources to bring you quality study media for your course at a discounted rate. This link will help you easily find materials and receive 10% off your entire order today. Any questions pertaining to Keir products can be referred to 800-795-5347.


Is a picture worth a thousand words to you? Our visual learning packages depict financial planning concepts using infographics, mind maps, and flow charts. More information about the Visual Learner package can be found in the description below.


Do you find you retain information more effectively by hearing it? Keir's Auditory Learner package contains audio files to help you retain the most commonly tested subject matter. Learn more about The Keir Auditory Learner package under the description drop down below.


Two-volume set covering the financial planning process with a focus on case study application. This course is prepared as a capstone course to complete the required education program allowing a student to sit for the CFP® exam.


This study package is for the student who may have found that two learning styles weighed evenly on the Learning Style Assessment or who may feel that multiple learning style materials would be beneficial based on lifestyle. For example, a student who is primarily a visual or tactile learner may find benefit from making the most of driving time by listening to MP3s, or a student who is primarily and auditory or tactile learner may find benefit from the ability to review Key Concept infographics on their iPad or cell phone during times when audio and flashcards are not convenient.


Do you find it hard to sit still and study? Tactile learners need to interact with their study material in a hands-on approach, and tend to be more physically active in the learning process. The Tactile Learner package details can be found under the description below.