Presenting the Gift of Financial Security

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Presenting the Gift of Financial Security

By:  John Ingrisano, CLU

It’s the holiday season.  Clients and prospects may have other things on their minds than life insurance, college funds, retirement planning.  Oh, wait, they always have other things on their minds than life insurance, college funds, retirement planning. 

So, when you contact them for appointments this month, explain that you want to talk about a very, very special holiday gift, a gift that has unique meaning, a gift that represents the special bond of caring and commitment between loved ones.  It’s the gift of financial security, and it is probably the most important gift they can give.    

Your role?  It is to help the gift giver present and position this incredibly valuable gift.  Here’s an example of how a husband or wife might present the gift of life insurance protection to his/her spouse:

“Hon, I hope you like your present of (jewelry, vacation, etc.).  But I do have one more gift for you.  As I hope you know beyond doubt, I love you.  That's why, this year, in addition to the tangible gifts, I wanted to give you something much more important.

“Now, I want to tell you right now that this is not a very exciting gift.  It's not even the kind of gift you're likely to mention to many people.  What is it?  It’s cash value life insurance.  That’s right, cash value life insurance.  I’ve purchased insurance on my life.  

“Why is this such a valuable, important gift for you?  Because it will help protect our family's standard of living and all that we have worked together to build.  If anything should happen to me, the money will be there to replace our lost income and help preserve your standard of living.

“And if I live to a ripe old age, which, by the way, I am counting on, this policy potentially will have accumulated a significant amount of cash value.  That is money that will be there to provide for both of us in what I plan to be a long retirement together.”

So, help your clients give the gift of financial security.  Life insurance is a gift that shows how much they care.  Long after the other presents are opened -- after the poinsettia are wilted and the latest hi-tech gizmos and games are forgotten -- their gift of financial security will be there ... protecting their loved ones and helping to ensure their futures. 

And to you, we wish you a joyful holiday and a prosperous new year in 2017.