"Check Please" - Why I Believe In Life Insurance

Personal Observations... 
By John R. Ingrisano, CLU
(Copyright 2016)
"Check please!  It's a line I hear in my sleep," recounted a friend, but she said it with a chuckle.  We'll call her Dot, and she was nearly 50 years old.  Dot had worked part-time as a waitress in a local restaurant off and on for nearly 10 years.
Her husband, Tom, made a good living, so the money she earned was set aside to help pay for the children's college educations.  In truth, she enjoyed the social aspects of her job the most, especially now that the children were in high school.  Best of all, the restaurant was owned by a friend, so Dot was able to set her own hours.      
All that almost changed when Tom died one evening in a car accident returning home from work.  After the funeral, once Dot had the opportunity to go over their finances and the mounting stack of bills, she came to the conclusion that she might be waiting tables full-time for the rest of her life.  As for her children's educations, she knew she could never afford to help.  They were on their own.
She had overlooked one thing, however, when going through their financial papers.  That was the life insurance coverage on Tom's life.  Thanks to Tom's foresight, there was adequate insurance to pay the bills, fund their children's educations and maintain the family's standard of living.
Now it was Dot's turn to say, "check please," as she requested the benefits of the life insurance policies her husband had purchased years before.  "Everyone was sending me bills," she recalled, "except the insurance company.  They sent me a check!"
Life insurance cannot prevent your clients from suffering emotional loss.  But it can help them avoid a financial loss.  So, the next time you say, "check please" at your favorite restaurant, remember its double meaning.  That's why I believe in life insurance.
                                    * * *
John Ingrisano is a former insurance agent, business journalist, sales trainer and “marketeer” who has developed sales programs, newsletters and marketing campaigns for dozens of major insurance and financial services companies over the last 35 years.  He is also a public speaker and author of several books, including “The Back to Basics Book of Selling:  A Guide to a Successful Sales Career” and “The Back to Basics Book of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace.”   John can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
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