Why I Believe In Life Insurance

By John R. Ingrisano, CLU ©2016

Describing features and benefits is fine.  However, when it’s time to ask for a buying decision from prospects, tell them why you personally believe in life insurance.

Tell them the following:

Let me tell you why I believe in life insurance.  It’s an amazing financial product!  Over the years, I've seen the proof time and time again.

I've seen children whose mother or father had died, but who could still go to college because the parents had the foresight to own life insurance.

I've seen widows and widowers receive checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars -- no strings attached and no income taxes to pay -- because a loving spouse appreciated the value of life insurance.

I've seen couples retire after a lifetime of hard work and then tap into what they referred to as a "windfall"...tens of thousands of dollars that had accumulated in their cash value life insurance policies – that they could use at any time to supplement their Social Security and pension benefits.

I've seen seniors dramatically increase the size of their estates -- in fact, create "instant," tax-free estates at their deaths -- through the purchase of life insurance to protect a loved one, provide liquidity to pay estate expenses and help guarantee an inheritance for children or grandchildren.

I've seen life insurance do great things.  It is a scientifically designed product that can deliver a designated sum of money at the exact moment the cash is needed most.  It is also a valuable asset...one that does not wear out or break down over time.  In many cases, it is an asset that increases in value over the years.

Most of all, life insurance is versatile.  With cash value life insurance, you can achieve your objectives in at least three ways:

1. If you live, your policy will accumulate cash value.  In some cases, it may eventually equal or exceed the initial death benefit.  This money is available to you at any time and for any purpose.

2. If you die, your life insurance policy will pay the proceeds to your beneficiary.  This money is received income-tax-free.  It can be used to replace lost income to your family, to help pay estate taxes and other estate settlement costs or to provide an "instant estate" for your heirs.

3. If you quit, there are other living benefits.   You can terminate the policy or stop paying premiums at any time.  If you do, you still have access to your cash value.  You can purchase a reduced amount of paid-up life insurance; you can buy extended term insurance; or you can take the money in cash.”

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John Ingrisano is a former insurance agent, business journalist, sales trainer and “marketeer” who has developed sales programs, newsletters and marketing campaigns for dozens of major insurance and financial services companies over the last 35 years.  He is also a public speaker and author of several books, including “The Back to Basics Book of Selling:  A Guide to a Successful Sales Career” and “The Back to Basics Book of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace.”   John can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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