Get Your CE Done Before December 31

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By:  John Ingrisano, CLU
Did you ever notice how there is a run on snow shovels at the hardware store each year, right before the first snowfall of the season?  Or that stores sell a boatload of umbrellas whenever it rains (which is also why store managers put an umbrella display by the front door on rainy days)?

Similarly, it is not uncommon for many agent/advisors to be caught by surprise each year by their continuing education deadline requirements.  They end up locking themselves away for a few frantic days at the end of the month.  If their CE in their state is tied to the calendar year, they find themselves scrambling to complete their continuing education requirements before the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.  

That is a sad way to spend what could be a relaxing, festive final week of the year, holed up in their offices trying to beat the clock to get their CE turned in on time.  There is always a risk that something may go wrong – perhaps a family emergency, perhaps a computer or internet glitch, perhaps a client with a crisis – that would make it impossible to meet the CE deadline.  Just as bad, these men and women too often miss some potentially wondrous time with family and friends.   

Well, there is a much, much better way.  If you keep putting off your CE requirements until the last minute, let’ this year be different.  Since we are already into October, start your coursework right away, spreading it out – doing a little each day -- over the next eight to ten weeks.  That way, you will be able to relax during this holiday season.

Also, make a pledge that in 2017, you will do the same – perhaps dedicating just an hour or two each week to meet your continuing education requirements.

So, get started now.  You and your family will be glad you did.