On behalf of the Keir family and Keir Financial Education, I am pleased to announce the Keir CFP® exam review is joining forces with The Dalton Review to offer students the single most comprehensive and effective CFP® exam preparation program in the country. 
Some of the best features and study tools that have helped thousands of Keir review students pass the exam can now be found as part of The Dalton Review.  Students will still find the Keir CFP® exam practice cases, simulated exams, test bank questions, infographics, and now the 100% Money Back Guarantee to Pass program with The Dalton Review.
Though the review will look different, we will still offer the same high level of customer service and provide unmatched materials.
We look forward to serving our students through The Dalton Review. Click here for more information.
Best wishes with your studies!
Henrietta Nye
Keir Financial Education

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