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For those studying for the CFP® Certification Exam, the word “overwhelming” often leaps to mind. Not only is there a huge volume of information to study, but students also need to be aware of how the info will be presented within the depths of complex questions and spot potential tricks. Passing the exam requires high level problem solving using a thought process specific to an adept CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. Keir's CFP® Certification Exam review materials summarize the important points tested by the CFP Board. We provide the highest quality materials, expert instructors, innovative technology, and classroom-based instruction to prepare students for the arduous six hour CFP® exam.


From our years of experience with preparation for the CFP® Certification Examination, we have created the THINK LIKE A PLANNER® Study Method. Keir doesn't just prepare students for exam questions that have appeared in the past, but gives students the thought processes that will allow them to succeed as the exam changes and new questions appear. Learn more about the method here.

The THINK LIKE A PLANNER® study method starts with a review of core technical knowledge and builds upon that foundation to help students move to the higher cognitive thinking skills for the exam and for their careers in financial planning.  The Keir study solutions are set up for visual, audio, and tactile learners...or choose the combination learning style package to get it all.

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CFP® Certification Exam - Tax Law Changes

Click here to see the up coming changes for 2018.  Important Note:  The July 2018 exam will test on the 2017 numbers.  Changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (passed in December 2017) and by the Bipartisan Budget Act (passed February 2018) that were retroactive to 2017 will not be tested.

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