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Series 24 Package 4


Student access to the live classes.



The virtual class recordings contain five 3 hour sessions with a live instructor. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions and to ask questions when needed. All classes are recorded and students have access to the recordings for review for up to 6 weeks after the class ends.

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Series 24 Study Tips

Series 24 FAQ's

   Series 24 Study Tips

Read each section - Review all questions and detailed explanations, continue this process throughout the chapters.

Study for approximately 60 to 70 hours prior to your test date. Spend approximately 15 hours on Sales Supervision Spend approximately 15 hours on Trading and Market Making Spend approximately 9 hours on Investment Banking Spend approximately 10 hours on Customer Accounts Spend approximately 11 hours on Investment Companies / Retirement Plans / Financial Responsibilities

Add some variety to your study process by using the online databank for a complete overview of all the topics learned

Score a minimum of 76-78% on all Series 24 quizzes and practice exams before moving to the next topic.

Utilize the Virtual Class recordings to reinforce the Series 24 topics. I

f you have the Quick 24 book – plan to use this book each time you review topics, to help increase scores and provide you a “preview” of upcoming topics.

Take regular breaks, about 15 minutes for 2 hours of study

For client support or instructor assistance with Series 24 call 800-795-5347 or email

   Series 24 FAQ's

How many questions are on the exam? 150 questions, plus, you should be prepared to see an additional 3 to 10 questions on your examination. These questions are “pre-test” type questions. You will be provided more time for these questions and the score from these questions are NOT counted against you. How long is the exam? 3 hours 45 minutes.

How is the exam set up? You should anticipate a “bell-curve” exam. Which means, the test will start out with easier level questions. As you progress through the Series 24 exam, approaching the middle, test questions will become more difficult. Nearing the end of the exam, questions will again become easier.

How much time can I expect to spend on studies? You should plan on spending approximately 60 to 70 hours in study and 20 hours on final exams. Keir Educational Resources strongly recommends you complete the Series 24 study between three weeks but no longer than 3 months.

Where do I take the Series 24 examination? The Series 24 examination is a proctored exam and must be taken at a qualified exam center. To locate the one nearest you, please see

How often is the Series 24 exam administered? Each testing center offers the exam on various dates.