AIC - Associate in Claims

AIC 30: ebook & Online Question Bank (2nd Edition)


AIC 30 2nd Edition - Claim Handling Principles and Practices - Package includes an ebook and Online Question Bank Access.



This course is required for the Multi-line Adjuster and the Property Track.

Some of the topics it covers include:

  • The valuation of real property
  • Limitations placed on the claim
  • Situations with other insurance policies
  • The process of loss adjustment
  • Investigation for potential fraud
  • The special losses of the business owner
  • Other types of special losses

Keir Quick Study Guide

This AIC 30 book summarizes the material in the text providing coverage of the Educational Objectives, definitions of Key Terms and concepts, answers to the Review Questions and Discussion Questions, plus a Glossary of all terms. PLUS it contains the Keir Multiple Choice Questions in one easy to use book.

The Keir Practice questions provide 20 to 30 multiple choice questions for each assignment. Questions are in the same format as the national exam. All questions come with answers and complete rationales.

Keir Online Databank of Questions

Over 175 questions are available in this AIC 30 test package for students to test themselves in Open book, Closed book and timed final formats. Students are able to view the answers and rationales after completing the closed and timed exams.