ARM 400: ebook & Online Question Bank (1st Edition)


ARM 400 Quick Study Package includes an ebook and Online Question Bank Access.



This Quick Study book contains five distinct types of materials for each of the assignments in this IIA course. First, we have prepared a summary response to each of the Educational Objectives listed in the Course Guide. Next, we have provided brief definitions or descriptions of each of the Key Words and Phrases in the assignment. The third element is an answer to each of the Course Guide’s Review Questions. Fourth, we have answered each of the Application Questions. The fifth component is multiple choice questions covering the important topics and are similar to what you are likely to see on the IIA examination. Students will find an answer to each question and a complete explanation to reinforce the learning. In preparing the questions, we have attempted to select questions that test your understanding of important concepts presented in the study materials. You will find that these questions cover the material in an exceedingly thorough manner. We believe that if you understand the concepts covered by these questions, you will pass the examination for this course. This first course in the Associate in Risk Management will give the student an overview of the risk management industry.

The topics to be covered are:

  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Risk Management Today
  • Environment and Culture
  • Performance and Process Management
  • Risk Governance
  • Managing Risk Data
  • Internal Audit And Control
  • Compliance
  • Organizational Resiliency

In this package, students will receive:

Keir Answers to the Course Guide Questions

This ARM 400 ebook provides a summary presentation of all educational objectives, definitions of key terms, explanation of the key concepts, answers to all review questions, discussion questions and a complete glossary.

Keir Multiple Choice Questions Workbook

The Keir Multiple Choice Questions Workbook provides students the opportunity to test their knowledge of each chapter with questions in the same style as what they will see on the national exam. Answer and rationales are provided for to reinforce the learning experience.

Keir Online Databank of Questions

Students have over 150 questions included in the Online Question Bank. Students have the ability to test by chapter or to create randomly selected questions for final exams. Students can simulate the exam experience with the ARM 400 timed practice exams.