HS 321 Package (14th Edition)


Income Taxation: HS 321 Package includes an ebook, Online Exam Question Bank Access - 14th Edition



An important part of financial planning, is understanding the tax consequences of many decisions and actions. This course begins with information on locating expert tax information and a history of the tax law. Other topics covered in the Digest are:

  • Basic tax concepts
  • Gross income and exclusions from gross income
  • Dealing with losses and bad debts
  • Itemized deductions
  • How to handle the sale and exchange of property
  • Taxation of capital gains & losses
  • Tax treatment of life insurance and modified endowments
  • Taxation of a variety of business entities

The Digest coverage of the learning objectives gives the student a summary of the American College textbook excellent for review and concise lists for easy study. The multiple choice questions tests comprehension and ability to apply the knowledge. The answers and rationales will highlight where the student needs to spend more study time. The glossary at the end of the book is a handy reference for anyone to whom the terms are unfamiliar.

The online databank of questions provides the student with a second approach to the material with the added stress of the timed finals. The simulation of the exam experience helps the student to be truly prepared for test day. If the student prefers the “open book” of study, he or she can practice the questions and read the immediate feedback.

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