HS 326 Package (14th Edition)


Planning for Retirement Needs:  HS 326 Package includes an ebook, Online Question Bank Access - 14th Edition



This course teaches the basics of retirement planning. Just a few of the topics that will be covered include:

  • The Retirement Plan Design
  • The various types of plans: Defined Benefit, Profit Sharing, SEPs, and more
  • The Benefits and Provisions of Plans
  • Administration of Retirement Plans
  • Retirement Needs
  • The Distribution from Retirement Plans

The Digest will provide the student with a summary of the key information covering the learning objectives. Following each chapter summary, students will test their comprehension using the Assessment Questions. Typically there are 20 to 30 questions per chapter. Students will review the answers and rationales to determine if there are any misunderstandings or issues in the chapter. The glossary at the end of the ebook is helpful for looking up new terminology or for reviewing before the exam.

For those who enjoy the online learning experience, the online databank of questions will provide opportunities to test after each chapter, or for final exams. The finals can be tested Open Book or Closed Book and timed to simulate the national exam experience. Again, the answers and rationales will help students know where to focus additional study time.

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