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HS 319 Package (2nd Edition)


Applications in Financial Planning II:  HS 319 Package includes an ebook with Assessment Questions, Online Question Bank Access-2nd Edition



This course provides a variety of case studies to test student’s knowledge of various financial planning topics. Some of the areas include:

  • The Federal Gift Tax
  • Estate planning
  • Behavioral finance
  • Retirement planning
  • Ethics and regulation in financial services

The concise summary of the text material provides a complete explanation of the learning objectives. Students are tested on their comprehension with the multiple choice questions. Where issues arise, the answers and rationales help to fortify the students learning.

For an additional learning experience, students can use the online databank of questions for practice. Using the timed “closed book” option, students can simulate the exam experience. The system will select questions in the same difficulty as the national exam.

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