HS 347: ebook & Online Question Bank (3rd Edition)


HS 347: Contemporary Applications in Financial Planning - package includes an ebook and Online Question Bank Access



The course HS 347 replaces the courses HS 314 and HS 319, and is open to new student enrollments as of July 1, 2018. Students who declared into the ChFC® program prior to July 1, 2018 may complete HS 314 and HS 319 instead of HS 347 through Dec. 31, 2019. After this date, HS 314 and HS 319 will no longer be offered.

This premium course examines contemporary financial planning challenges through a series of modern case studies, including:

  • Aiding divorcees and blended families
  • Financial planning for families with special needs
  • Serving non-traditional families and LGBT clients
  • Unique challenges associated with modern retirement income portfolios
  • Hands-on application of behavioral finance, ethics, and estate planning

This package provides the student with the Keir digital digest and the Online Question Databank. The ebook has chapter summaries of The American College textbook, definitions of all key terms, and 20 to 30 questions per assignment to ensure comprehension. The summary is a second interpretation of the material, condensed for easy review. After completion of each chapter, students are encouraged to test themselves with the quizzes in the online databank of questions.  Reading the answer and understanding the rationale for each question will help prepare the student for the rigor of the national exam.