HS 324 Package (10th Edition)


Life Insurance Law:  HS 324 Package includes ebook with Assessment Questions, Online Question Bank Access-10th Edition



Students will be introduced to the life insurance industry in this course.  They will learn the basics of the policy and the promises of the parties.  Subjects discussed include:

  • Introduction to legal concepts and contract law
  • The life insurance contract
  • The provisions of the policy, rights and remedies
  • Life insurance contract assignments
  • Beneficiaries
  • Ethics of the life insurance industry

The Keir Digest will summarize these most complex topics in very understandable language.  Students should read the Digest as a review of their text study and then complete the Assessment Questions.  Reading the answers and explanations will direct the students to their areas of weakness.

Students may use the online databank of questions at the end of each chapter or at the end of the course for final exam simulation.  They may select “open book” or “closed book”exams.

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