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There's no denying that the CFP® Certification Exam is tough. Full of challenging multiple-choice questions, the exam goes beyond the 72 Principal Knowledge Topics and requires high-level advanced problem solving. Even skilled students using traditional study methods can fall short of passing.

But as usual, Keir has you covered with a tried and true study method that works for you.

A New Way of Thinking & Learning

We want you to conquer the CFP® Certification Exam and become a capable and confident CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, so we developed a method that can guide you through the toughest questions towards the career of your dreams. Here's what makes the THINK LIKE A PLANNER® Study Method so effective: it's not teaching you how to memorize information quickly, it's teaching you a thought process you'll utilize for the rest of your life. Passing the exam and becoming a successful financial planner requires a new way of thinking and learning. When you know how to THINK LIKE A PLANNER, you can solve problems, create solutions, and earn an incredible career as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.


Settling in to prepare for the CFP® Certification Exam can feel a little overwhelming, but there’s no need to stress when you have Keir on your side. Check out the best tips to guide you through your exam experience.