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There's no denying that the CFP® Certification Exam is tough. Full of challenging multiple-choice questions, the exam goes beyond the 72 Principal Knowledge Topics and requires high-level advanced problem solving. Even skilled students using traditional study methods can fall short of passing.

But as usual, Keir has you covered with a tried and true study method that works for you.

A New Way of Thinking & Learning

We want you to conquer the CFP® Certification Exam and become a capable and confident CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, so we developed a method that can guide you through the toughest questions towards the career of your dreams. Here's what makes the THINK LIKE A PLANNER® Study Method so effective: it's not teaching you how to memorize information quickly, it's teaching you a thought process you'll utilize for the rest of your life. Passing the exam and becoming a successful financial planner requires a new way of thinking and learning. When you know how to THINK LIKE A PLANNER, you can solve problems, create solutions, and earn an incredible career as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.


Settling in to prepare for the CFP® Certification Exam can feel a little overwhelming, but there’s no need to stress when you have Keir on your side. Check out the best tips to guide you through your exam experience.

“I am using the CPCU studies to improve my knowledge of the overall insurance market so I can be of greater value to the employer who's paying for this continuing education. As far as Keir goes, your study materials have been invaluable to the process. I commend you on your work, and appreciate the materials that make studying more interesting and understandable.”
- Adam M.

“As I proceed through the final steps with the CFP® Board, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful material and support you provided. I am certain I couldn’t have done it without you! I took the test (unsuccessfully) two years ago using a competitor’s products, and I am convinced the Keir material was superior and contributed to my success. Most importantly, I am certain my clients will be receiving sound financial planning due to this rigorous process our profession requires.”
- Dan, a satisfied customer and proud financial planner

“I am very happy to report that I got my CFP exam results and I passed the first time. Thankfully I did the Keir Review with the online class. I know I couldn't have done it without that... I felt prepared for the exam with the study material available...that part of my life is now history, thanks in part to Keir.”
- Pamela

“This program was AMAZING and right on target for the Series 7 Exam! Cal Plummer did a great job teaching the virtual classes and provided wonderful information which was vital in passing the exam. His "cheat sheets" were a HUGE help! He also made himself available for one-on- one help and he truly cared that I was prepared for the exam! The Keir materials were also outstanding and the Smart Program was very helpful in charting my progress and providing immediate feedback. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone thinking about the Series 7!!!”
- Michelle, Arizona

“Great materials -- especially the online access. After doing practice questions, chapter questions, finals, you have seen a huge bank of questions, which steps up the confidence! I liked the portability of it - could study on the iPad when traveling, etc. The simulated testing is just like the real thing, so that's not a surprise when you get in the room. Cal is a great teacher, and I could hear his voice in my head, urging me on. And his tips on test-taking were invaluable! Follow his advice and you'll have a road map to passing. You won't be sorry -- 'cause Keir got me through the very first time!!”
- Cathie, Lexington, SC