Keir Financial Education is joining forces with The Dalton Review to offer students the single most comprehensive and effective CFP® exam preparation program in the country.

Some of the best features and study tools that have helped thousands of Keir review students pass the exam can now be found as part of The Dalton Review.  Students will still find the Keir CFP® exam practice cases, simulated exams, testbank questions, infographics, and now the 100% Money Back Guarantee to Pass program with The Dalton Review.

The first step in the review process is to take The Preliminary Assessment of Certification Exam Readiness or PACER exam. This is a FREE 100 question exam offered by The Dalton Review to show students where their strengths and weaknesses are, so they can plan their study time efficiently.  The questions are in the same style and are of the same difficulty level as the national exam.  A high score on this exam only indicates the student has a balanced knowledge of all topics; it does not indicate the student does not need further review.




Pacer Exam Registration

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