Series 6 Top Off 2-in-1 Bundle: SMART & Books


Bundle includes the Smart 6®* Web Program and Books.

*SMART 6® is aregistered trademark of Edward Fleur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.



SMART 6 Top-Off Interactive Web Training:

  • Eliminates need for bulky textbooks
  • Makes the most efficient use of the candidates' time, since the content delivery is dependent on user performance
  • Tailors the training experience to each user's strengths and weaknesses
  • Delivers consistent effective training at the lowest per-user cost

The program is divided into the same "Chapters" as our Series 6 text, and includes an online textbook that leads the user sequentially through every topic, testing the user on each major point.

The program dynamically modifies each student's learning sequence, based on the student's strengths and weaknesses. If a user is having difficulty with a major concept, he or she is presented with the information to be learned in a variety of reinforcing methods until mastery is achieved. Therefore, users who are not having problems move rapidly through the program; those that are having difficulty will move more slowly, but they will meet the minimum competency level needed to pass the examination upon successful completion of SMART 6 Top Off. We developed this learning approach by combining the most successful teaching techniques culled from 30 years of preparing students for the securities exams.

The learning material covers more than 900 concepts, arranged within the 8 major areas tested on the Series 6 Top Off exam. Each concept includes:

  • Practice questions with detailed explanations that not only explain which answer is correct, but also explain why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts
  • A Quick 6 summary - an easy-to-read condensation of the most important points tested

Other key features are:

  • Mastery exams
    • Drawn from a pool of approximately 4,000 questions
    • Quizzes that test each of the 8 major areas
    • Midterms, covering Investment Securities, Securities Markets and Analysis, Investment Companies, and Variable Products
    • Finals, covering material from all 8 major areas
    • Tests are weighted in the same manner as the material in the actual exam
  • Detailed feedback on areas needing additional study
  • Full text search capabilities through the Glossary and Quick 6
  • 6 Secrets - tips for passing the exam

The content for SMART Interactive Web Training is constantly updated. Changes are added to the material as they become available.

This package includes:

    SMART 6 Top Off Interactive Web Training
    Series 6 Top Off Printed Materials

*SMART 6® is aregistered trademark of Edward FLeur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.