Series 66 3-in-1 Bundle: SMART, Classroom & Books


Bundle includes the printed textbook for easy learning, a Quick book for final review, the Smart 66®* online education program and the 12 hour online  review class recordings.

*SMART 66® is aregistered trademark of Edward Fleur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.



Completion of this exam will allow an advisor to register as an Investment Advisor Representative and as a securities agent representing a broker dealer. The textbook includes coverage of:

  • Uniform Securities Act
  • Federal Securities Act
  • Portfolio Analysis and Management

The Quick book provides bullet points , mnemonics and summary charts to review for final study.

The Smart 66®* program provides unlimited quizzes and final exams selected for the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Over 4,000 questions in the pool, so students will not repeat questions.

The Virtual class recordings provide 4 three hour review sessions covering the most difficult areas of the program. 

*SMART 66® is aregistered trademark of Edward FLeur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.

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Study FAQ

Series 66 Study Tips

Series 66 FAQ's

    Series 66 Study Tips

Study for approximately 30 to 40 hours prior to the Series 66 exam

Spend approximately 8 hours on Portfolio Analysis / Management

Spend approximately 10 to 12 hours on Federal Laws / SEC Releases

Spend approximately 22 to 25 hours on Uniform Securities Act

Read each section - Review all questions and detailed explanations, continue this process throughout the chapters

Utilize the Smart 66®: when you reach the end of each chapter utilize the Practice Questions and quizzes and final exams for a complete overview of all Series 66 topics learned

Score a minimum of 85% on all Series 66 quizzes and practice exams before moving to the next topic

Utilize the Virtual Class recordings to reinforce the Series 66 topics

If you have the Quick 66 book – plan to use this book each time you review topics, to help increase scores and provide you a “preview” of upcoming topics

Take regular breaks, about 15 minutes for 2 hours of study

For client support or instructor assistance with Series 66 call 800-795-5347 or email

    Series 66 FAQ's

How many questions are on the exam? 100 multiple choice questions.

How long is the exam? 2 hours 30 minutes

How is the exam set up? You should anticipate a “bell-curve” exam. Which means the exam will start out at an easier level. As you progress through the exam, approaching the middle of the exam, test questions will become more difficult. As you near the end of the exam, questions will once again become easier.

Where do I take the Series 66 examination? The Series 66 examination is a proctored exam and must be taken at a qualified exam center. To locate the one nearest you, please see

Is there an examination fee for the Series 66? Yes, $145

Am I allowed to take a calculator into the exam center? No, however, the exam center will provide a calculator upon request.

Will I be allowed to take paper into the exam center? No, however, the exam center will provide scratch paper.

Do I have to be sponsored to take this examination? No

What is the required pass rate for the Series 66 examination? 73%

Are there pre-requisites? No. Series 7 is a co-requisite.