Series 7 Top Off 2-in-1 Bundle: SMART & Classroom


Bundle includes the Smart 7®* Web Program, and Virtual Class.

*SMART 7® is aregistered trademark of Edward Fleur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.



The SMART 7 Top-Off Interactive Web Training is a complete self-study training package delivered online. The program has the full text of our printed materials, along with an extensive question pool.

The program is divided into the same "Chapters" as our Series 7 Top-Off text, and includes an online textbook that leads the user sequentially through every topic, testing the user on each major point.

SMART 7 Top-Off Interactive Web Training:

  • Eliminates need for bulky textbooks
  • Our SMART programs a proven success – each year thousands of individuals at major FINRA member brokerage firms have passed using SMART.
  • Makes the most efficient use of the candidates' time, since the content delivery is dependent on user performance
  • Tailors the training experience to each user's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Delivers consistent effective training at the lowest per-user cost
  • Is 100% predictive of the actual Series 7 grade

The program dynamically modifies each student's learning sequence, based on the student's strengths and weaknesses. If a user is having difficulty with a major concept, he or she is presented with the information to be learned in a variety of reinforcing methods until mastery is achieved. Therefore, users who are not having problems move rapidly through the program; those that are having difficulty will move more slowly, but they will meet the minimum competency level needed to pass the examination upon successful completion of SMART 7 Top-Off. We developed this learning approach by combining the most successful teaching techniques culled from 30 years of preparing students for the securities exams.

The learning material covers 1800 concepts, arranged within the 12 major areas tested on the Series 7 exam. Each concept includes:

  • Practice questions with detailed explanations that not only explain which answer is correct, but also explain why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts
  • A Quick 7 summary - an easy-to-read condensation of the most important points tested

Other key features are:

  • The Listen feature: The "Listen" button explains the information to the user, covering the material in a manner that enhances learning by giving context, background, and test application
  • Mastery exams: Drawn from a pool of over 7,600 questions
  • Quizzes that test each of the 12 major areas
  • Mastery exams, covering Equities, Debt, and Investment Companies (Module I); Options, Customer Accounts, Retirement Plans, and New Issues (Module II), and Regulations, Taxes and Tax Shelters, Suitability, and Analysis (Module III)
  • Finals, covering material from all 12 major areas
  • Detailed feedback on areas needing additional study
  • Full text search capabilities through the Glossary and Quick 7
  • The content for SMART Interactive Web Training is constantly updated. Changes are added to the material as they become available

This package includes:

    SMART 7 Top Off Interactive Web Training
    Series 7 Top Off Live Virtual Classroom Review

*SMART 7® is aregistered trademark of Edward FLeur Financial Education Corporation. a/k/a Pass Perfect.

Study FAQ

Series 7 Study Tips

Series 7 FAQ's

Series 7 Study Tips

Read each section - Review all questions and detailed explanations, continue this process throughout the chapters.

Utilize the Smart 7®: when you reach the end of each chapter utilize the Smart 7® for a complete overview of all Series 7 topics learned.

Score a minimum of 80% on all Series 7 quizzes and practice exams before moving to the next topic.

Utilize the Virtual Class recordings to reinforce the Series 7 topics.

Take regular breaks, about 15 minutes for 2 hours of study For client support or instructor assistance with Series 7 call 800-795-5347 or email us at

Try a FREE Series 7/Smart 7® demo of the Web program

              Series 7 FAQ's

How many questions are on the Series 7 exam? The Series 7 exam is comprised of 250 questions. Broken down into two 3-hour segments of a 125 question each. Be aware there may be additional "trial' questions, which are not counted against your score.

How long is the Series 7 exam? 6 hours (two 3-hour sessions)

How is the Series 7 exam set up? You should expect the Series 7 examination to be in a “bell-curve” format. Which means, each 3-hour session will start out with easier level questions. As you progress through the sessions, approaching the middle of each session, test questions will become more difficult. Near the end of each session exam questions will again become easier.

How much time can I expect to spend on studies? You should plan on spending approximately 220 to 240 hours in study including the final exams. Keir Educational Resources strongly recommends you complete the Series 7 study from 4 to 12 weeks.

Do I need a Series 7 class? With accurate study materials and strong study habits, Keir will get you through. Participate in a Keir Virtual Class to increase your potential for success.

Where do I take the Series 7 examination? The Series 7 examination is a proctored exam and must be taken at a qualified exam center. To locate the one nearest you, please see

Is there a fee for the Series 7 examination? Yes, $305.

Am I allowed to take a calculator into the Series 7 examination center? No, however, the exam center will provide a calculator upon request.

Will I be allowed to take paper into the Series 7 examination center? No, however, the exam center will provide scratch paper upon request.

Do I have to be sponsored to take the Series 7 examination? Yes.

What is the required pass rate for the Series 7 examination? 72%.

Are there pre-requisites? No.