AINS - Associate in General Insurance

Adding the Keir AINS supplemental materials to the study process can help cut study time in half.

Sometimes a "second opinion" or extra practice questions are just what you need. Keir is your "insurance policy" to a passing score.

Students of the AINS designation are typically persons who have some experience in the business. They could be in a customer service or call center position and desire to learn more about the industry. This Associate in General Insurance program requires the student to complete 3 courses – with selection of a personal lines or a commercial lines specialization. This program could be completed in 9 to 12 months.


  • Keir AINS supplemental materials give a clear and concise review of the textbook - easy to understand.
  • Our materials are NOT written by the textbook author, so they provide a second interpretation of the material.
  • The practice questions that Keir provides are very close to the national exam and in the same style as the national exam.

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