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HS 328 Package (8th Edition)


Investments:  HS 328 Package includes an ebook, Online Question Bank Access



To aid exam preparation, Keir has extracted and encapsulated the learning objective information from the textbook.  Topics included in this course are:

  • Explanation of the securities markets
  • Managing and evaluating portfolios
  • Qualitative and quantitative information on debt instruments
  • Taxing investments

The Keir Digest will provide a summary of the requirement for each learning objective, followed by multiple choice questions and answers including an explanation for each option.  This can be a different educational experience from the textbook, which can help for exam taking.  Review of the glossary will help in the understanding of the course material.

After completion of each chapter, students are encouraged to test themselves with the quizzes in the online databank of questions.  Reading the answers and understanding the rationales for each question will help prepare the student for the rigors of the national exam. 

Multiple approaches to studying can help the student to retain the information. 

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