CLU® - Chartered Life Underwriter

In partnership with The American College, Keir provides supplemental study materials for the Chartered Life Underwriter course curriculum. There are 5 required courses and 3 electives in this program. This designation would be recommended for someone with a specialization in the insurance industry.


The Keir digest provides complete coverage of the Learning Objectives, including definitions of the terminology and explanations of the key concepts. There are 15 to 30 multiple choice questions for each chapter. Every question is referenced to the text book, in case a student wants to read more on the subject.


  • Keir's materials reinforce information found in The American College's text materials.
  • The practice questions that Keir provides are the same style as The American College.
  • The online learning system allows students to take open and closed book exams, simulating the exam experience.
  • Using these materials in partnership with The American College's text materials, a student can expect to enhance and streamline his or her study experience for the CLU certification.
HS 300

Financial Planning: Process and Environment

HS 311

Fundamentals of Insurance Planning

HS 321

Income Taxation

HS 323

Individual Life Insurance

HS 324

Life Insurance Law

HS 326

Planning for Retirement Needs

HS 328


HS 330

Fundamentals of Estate Planning

HS 331

Planning for Business Owners and Professionals

HS 334

Estate Planning Applications