HS 330 Package (15th Edition)


Fundamentals of Estate Planning:  HS 330 Package 15th Edition includes an ebook, Online Question Bank Access



Planning for the proper transfer of property from one generation or entity to another via estate planning is the topic of this course. Some of the subjects covered include:

  • The forms of ownership of property
  • Trusts
  • The transfer of property by gifting
  • How to administer an estate
  • Taxation of the estate
  • Various deductions

The Keir Digest is used after reading the textbook, to facilitate review and retention before the exam. This provides the student with a different educational experience. After reading the summaries of the learning objectives, students should tackle the Keir Assessment Questions. Reading the answers and rationales after the quiz will pinpoint areas where more study is required. Reviewing the glossary at the end of the ebook will help in the learning.

The online databank of questions can be used following each chapter for a quiz, or at the end of the study to provide final exams to simulate the exam experience. The system allows the student to test in “open book” or “closed book” mode. Always the reading of the answers and rationales will help the student to reinforce the knowledge.