HS 331 Package (16th Edition)


Planning for Business Owners and Professionals:  HS 331 Package includes ebookt with Assessment Questions, Online Question Bank Access



The Keir Digest is prepared to provide a condensed coverage of the learning objectives from the textbook. The topics presented in this course include:

  • The objectives of business planning
  • Various business forms
  • Business succession
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Family business retention
  • Business valuations
  • Business owner disability

Reading the Keir Digest after the textbook, will give the student a second interpretation of the material and help to reinforce the subject. Completing the questions at the end of each chapter will help the student to pinpoint any short comings. Reading and learning the terms in the glossary will be helpful, too.

With a clear understanding of the learning objectives, the student should then proceed to the online databank of questions. The questions in the online databank of questions have been selected to test your understanding of important concepts presented in the text. Following the quiz or final exam, students should read all answers and rationales to ensure comprehension.

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