HS 334 Package (13th Edition)


Estate Planning Applications:  HS 334 Package includes ebook with Assessment Questions, Online Question Bank Access



This course is an elective for the CLU® designation. The Keir Digest will summarize the learning objectives from the text. Students will learn:

  • Valuation in estate planning
  • Estate settlement cost planning
  • Using life insurance in estate planning
  • Family gifting, Charitable gifting
  • Estate planning when foreigners are involved
  • Taxation in estate planning

We recommend reading the textbook, then reading the summary in the Digest before attempting the Assessment Questions. The questions are prepared to ensure the student’s grasping of the knowledge of the most important topics in each chapter. Reading the rationales and reviewing any topics where a passing grade was not achieved will fortify the learning. Attention to the glossary and knowledge of all terms will aid the student at exam time.

For extra reassurance, the online databank of questions will help the student practice in the exact exam format. Timed finals will assist the student in learning time management for the exam. The “open book” and “closed book” options for exams give different learning experiences.

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